Cleaning the mesh

I have been spending most of my time recently on cleaning the mesh that was ported from trueSpace.  My initial effort is on the Convento section which includes the courtyard walls and the Granary.  First, I found that there were many vertices that were adding complexity but very little detail.  These were removed.  I then removed the faces that would not be seen–the bottoms of the walls, for example.  Finally, I changed areas where many long edges converged to a single vertex (poles) into areas of faces with only four sides (quads).  As a result, I reduced the number of vertices and faces by 40% without any noticeable effect on the detail.

I also separated the section into smaller logical pieces which, along with the cleaner mesh, will help the process of applying more realistic textures to the surfaces.

Before I get to that though, I also have to make a couple of corrections to the geometry.  The Convento needs to be modified to reflect that the ground was lower in 1836 than it is today in the plaza.  Also, the High Wall needs to show the discontinuity in width that takes place near the closed portal.


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