Finished remoding the walls

I completed the process of removing unnecessary detail from all of the walls.  I estimate that each unit was reduced in size by about 30%.

A survey of the geometry found that the largest number of polygons are in the pecan tree: 5000, the North Wall support structure: 2500 and the Palisade: 3000.  I did not measure the Abatus which probably has the largest of all.  I may reduce the complexity of the North Wall structure by using a texture.

Given the large polycount of palisade structures, I may forego the replacement of the wooden walls around the gun ramps for an improved texture.

Still to be done is to add detail to the tops of the walls.

I also began redoing the Lunette—replacing the solid wooden walls with a palisade of logs.

Things to do before moving on to texturing:

1. Finish the Lunette

2. Improve the Espaldon with palisades instead of solid walls.

3. Find a good solution to modeling the tops of the walls.

4. Finish the remodeling of the ground geometry.


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