November 8, 2009

I am now working on developing a workflow for texturing the model.

I researched tools for generating normal and specular maps from texture photos.  In consideration: ShaderMap, CrazyBump and PixPlant2.  Initial tests favored CrazyBump but this was due to a limitation in the ShaderMap demo.  I purchased a ShaderMap license ($20) and seem to get good results now.  PixPlant2 is pricey ($175) but may give slightly better results and also has a nice texture seem removal feature.

I believe that a texture resolution of 128 pixels/m will give good detail for most objects.  So,  I am going to texture objects at a maximum resolution of 256 pixels/m unless the map exceeds 4096 pixels on a side.  Then, drop down to 128 pixels/m.

I unwrapped part of the convento and the granary.

Since the granary is relatively simple, I will work on this first.