More findings about the San Fernando Church

February 26, 2010

I have found more details about the San Fernando Church area that I am busy incorporating into my model.

1.The ledge did not go all around the tops of the walls

2. The walls were probably gray and not pink/red.

3. I have a better layout of the buildings around the church–location and makup.

4. I have a picture of the cross that was atop the belfry

5. I know where most of the canales were located.

6. I have a better plan of the sacristy.

7. The San Pedro Acequia needs to be modeled

8. Need to add a stone sidewalk in front of the church and possibly along the south wall.

9. There were gates on all four sides of the walls.


Church update

February 17, 2010

Here is the latest result using Yafaray.  I added canales (the roof drains) and put some wear marks on the textures.  I have also begun to improve the models of the buildings around the church.

The render is ok but I think it still looks too ‘cartoony’.  This is due to the limited palate, lack of texture variations, color intensity/saturation.

San Fernando Church - Yafaray/Photoshop

San Fernando Church update

February 8, 2010

I decided to change my strategy for texturing the church.  Instead of using one or two large image textures, I broke the model up into different materials.  I am using procedural textures for the base materials and will use image textures for adding detail, dirt etc.

I also made more tests with Luxworks, Yafaray and Blender Internal.  I think that Yafaray still looks the best despite the deficiencies.

Here is a sample:

Luxworks: This took about an hour to render.

Yafaray Path Tracing: Took about 13 min to render

Yafaray Direct Lighting: A few seconds

Blender Internal: About 14 seconds