New ground model

After (too) many weeks, I have completed a new model of the ground around the compound.  This new model has about 13000 vertices and includes an area of about 3 km on a side.  This will allow the representation of the hills to the east including the Powder House, the Military Plaza to the west and La Villita to the South.  The elevations are derived directly from the USGS Seamless Server.  The major features include the San Antonio River which was placed accurately using a USGS topographical map.  The Sanborn maps and the area map in Mark Lemon’s book was used to modify the layout to reflect its path in 1836.  The major acequias, San Pedro, Madre and Conception were also placed using a map from the HAES.  The depths and widths of the acequias were also established from this source.


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