I’m back!

Over 2 years since the last post here.  Wow.

In 2010, I got sidetracked on another Alamo-related project.  I was asked to create an animation (2D) of the action that led to the battle of the Alamo.  I decided to use a Microsoft technology called Silverlight because it was supported for multiple platforms.  If you have a modern PC with Silverlight installed for your browser, you can check it out here:

13 Days: The Siege and Battle of the Alamo

I was fortunate to be able to demonstrate this program at the 175th anniversary of the battle in San Antonio courtesy of Valero Oil Company.

This taste of programming got me hooked on Windows 8 and app development.  While participating heavily in the user forums, I was contracted to be the technical editor for a couple of books on app development.  In 2012, I released my own app for displaying worldwide earthquake data and recently updated it for Windows 8.1.–QuakeView.

In the meantime, Blender has undergone several iterations of improvements.  New tools have also come on the scene that should be interesting to try.

My near term goal is to clean up the terrain mesh and add textures to make a convincing baseline scene for rendering 1836 Bexar.



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