Camera locations

I can reduce the complexity of the model by defining the camera locations for the still and video shots.  Areas that are far or out of view of the camera will not have to be modeled or textured in detail.  Here are the locations that I have in mind:

  • Inside the compound.  Ground level and on the ramps looking inside and outside the walls.  On the gun tower over the church. From the window and back stairs of the convento.
  • A few 10s of meters outside the compound walls looking towards the compound.  In particular, from the South, East and North.  The Northwest view of the pecan tree.
  • At the Portrero street footbridge panning from the town to the compound.
  • At the Powder House looking toward the town and compound
  • Main Plaza toward San Fernando Church
  • Veramindi house.  The house details and panning from the church to the compound.
  • Military Plaza. Plaza buildings and the back of the church. Move up to the level of the church bell tower and view the compound.
  • Birds eye view approximating the area overview scene in Nelson’s The Alamo, An Illustrated History.
  • Bird’s eye view overlooking the compound.

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