Ballistic render

May 17, 2014

I did some work on the trees in the landscape: the cottonwoods in the Alameda and several peach orchards.

This was interrupted by jury duty and a little work project involving C# and VB. For my birthday, I got a new video card that can be used for fast rendering.  It is based on a new NVIDIA chipset, the GTX 750ti.  Renders of my model are at least 3x faster when using this GPU.  To give it a workout, I animated the trajectory of a howitzer shot from the river battery on the Potrero to the inside of the compound.  Using a standard ballistic trajectory model, I set the elevation at 30 degrees and a muzzle velocity of 62 m/s to drop the projectile into the compound 340 m away.  The time of flight was just over 6.2 s.  At 24 f/s, this came to 149 frames and rendered an about a half hour. Here is the result of the test: