Ballistic render

I did some work on the trees in the landscape: the cottonwoods in the Alameda and several peach orchards.

This was interrupted by jury duty and a little work project involving C# and VB. For my birthday, I got a new video card that can be used for fast rendering.  It is based on a new NVIDIA chipset, the GTX 750ti.  Renders of my model are at least 3x faster when using this GPU.  To give it a workout, I animated the trajectory of a howitzer shot from the river battery on the Potrero to the inside of the compound.  Using a standard ballistic trajectory model, I set the elevation at 30 degrees and a muzzle velocity of 62 m/s to drop the projectile into the compound 340 m away.  The time of flight was just over 6.2 s.  At 24 f/s, this came to 149 frames and rendered an about a half hour. Here is the result of the test:


2 Responses to Ballistic render

  1. David Penrod says:

    Hey! It’s great to see you back in action. The overview of San Antonio de Bexar and the Alamo looks fantastic as does the cannon fire sequence. You’ve got a formidable (but friendly) competitor in Curilla. I hope the work you and Rich are doing (as well as the previous efforts of Lemon, Nelson, et. al.) will influence the future management of the Alamo and Alamo Plaza (although I fear SA’s City Fathers are every bit as short-sited and self-interested as all previous administrations). Anyway, I’m glad you’re back in the game. I am looking forward to watching your model’s development. Your active map of the Alamo siege and assault is very impressive. I have used it in discussions with my friends here in Colorado. Great tool.

    • dotupdate says:

      David, thanks for the encouragement. I figure that if people are still building dioramas, there is room for more than one CGI model. For me, the Alamo and Bexar are great subjects for improving my knowledge of 3D art. With this blog, I can post experiments and works in progress frequently.

      Glad you are checking it out.

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