North side of Main Plaza

August 29, 2014


North side of Main Plaza

North side of Main Plaza

I just finished modeling the north side of Main Plaza.  It consists of four stone buildings with hallway through the center.  The building on the left (west) is the Yturri house and was used by Santa Anna as his headquarters during the siege.  The buildings need to be textured.

A reference for the model is a drawing of the block that was done at a later date.




The Church of the Alamo Facade

August 9, 2014
Alamo Facade. Clean and displacement only.

Alamo Facade. Clean and displacement only.

My first Alamo model had simple representation of the facade–simple geometry and heavy dependence on low resolution textures taken from photographs.  This model has several improvements.  Using the HABS report, the main features of the facade have been much more carefully modeled.  The helical pattern in the columns is now geometry–not just textures.  The niches, windows and door arch were modeled separately because they have significant displacement from the wall.  Detailed displacement textures were created using Inkscape and applied to features around the doorway, niches and ashlar walls using bump mapping.

This render is a snapshot of the current status of the facade.  To show the detail, the facade is shown without color using only the bump map and displacement textures.  Also, the model is pristine and does not  yet show the effects of damage and weathering.

The statues in the niches are from the original model and consist of a crude geometry displaced by normal maps from a rather low resolution image.  Hopefully, one day, I can improve on them with ZBrush.