New Tools

This month I began an investigation of some new tools for my project: Unity 5 and Allegorithmic Substance.  Recently, both products were released with new features and offered at very attractive rates for independent developers/artists.  Unity 5 will allow me to produce real-time renders for either video or interactive displays.  It has global illumination, realistic animated water effects, foliage and physically based shaders (PBR).  Allegorithmic Substance products can produce highly realistic PBR materials based on photos and procedural techniques.

Thus far, I have created a terrain in Unity by applying a height map that was generated from my Blender model.  I applied some preliminary textures that outline the main terrain types, roads, acequias, fields and river.  I added the San Antonio River object.  I imported the buildings in my model to Unity (minus the materials/textures that were created for Blender rendering).

Currently, I am learning Substance Designer so that I can create new realistic materials for the Unity model.


A mask that will be used to create a rubble wall with Substance Designer


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