Veramindi Palace

May 16, 2015
First render of the Veramindi Palace

First render of the Veramindi Palace

This is a work-in-progress of the front of the Veramindi Palace that was on Soledad Street.  The backgound is a placeholder as I have not placed the structures in the larger model yet.

I am learning to use new tools for texture creation: Allegorithmic Substance Designer and Painter.  These tools allow the creation of textures using a combination of procedural, image and hand painted techniques.  A single paint stroke can affect color, roughness and height at the same time.  The textures are based on a physically realistic shader model.  While one could achieve the same results with tools like Photoshop and Blender, itself, these special purpose tools should increase productivity and quality once I have mastered them.

The PBR shader for the Blender Cycles render was found here.  A useful technique for creating an ID mask was found here.

The original building survived until the early 1900s and there are some early photos that were helpful as references along with some drawings by Maverick made in the 1860s.  The 12 foot doors are on display inside the Alamo church and modern photos are available.

I decided to model the geometry of the doors rather than just use a texture because they are such a large and prominent feature of the structure.  The rest of the compound has been modeled but need texuring then placement into the Bexar model.