Modeling the columns of the Alamo facade

One of the biggest improvements to my Alamo model can be made by increasing the complexity of geometry for the objects.  The first model used a relatively small number of polygons for each object.  Detail was added by using textures.  Unfortunately, the detail and mapping of the textures was not that great either due to my skill level at the time.

So, I am going back through my model and increasing the basic detail of the geometry before applying textures.  This includes using subdivision techniques and displacement that greatly increases the realism of the mesh.

A first example of this work is the modeling of the four columns on the facade of the Alamo.  The picture below shows a first result.  The column on the left is from the old model–crude geometry and poor textures.  The column on the right is the new detailed model.  It looks pretty good even without textures.  At this point, the column is “pristine” and needs to be modified to show aging, dirt and damage.

Comparison of old and new model of columns


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